To whom it may concern:

I want to express a word of appreciation to the Kostaris Construction company who did a major renovation of our home in Bethesda, Maryland in 2008.  In conjunction with architect Dickson Carroll, Kostaris did the following work: Fashioned a beautiful addition adjacent to my wife’s home office which serves as a waiting room for her therapy patients. It’s an elegant wood-panelled space 11’ x 11’ with a 12 foot ceiling with skylight.  Large windows bringing in light provide views of sky and trees while artful landscaping gives privacy inside. Kostaris also transformed an old laundry room in the basement into an lovely art studio. By knocking out a basement wall and excavating a 5’ x 10’ space in the back garden they were able to construct a pop out with sky lights which brings daylight into the artist’s work area.  An imaginative Japanesque arbor now connects the main house to the detached work shop. The arbor supports a colorful trumpet vine and defines one end of our garden.


A new furnace, A/C unit, lower level bathroom, exterior painting and a generator were more prosaic additions but no less valuable to the overall upgrade to our 80 year-old house.


Now that we are moving to California to join our children and grandchildren and have to sell, we are so happy that we made these improvements nine years ago.  In turns out they have added thousands of dollars to the value of our home and when the sale is finished these Kostaris improvements will have more than paid for themselves.


Thomas L. Brunkow
Satisfied Homeowner

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